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Our local meeting follows a pattern throughout the month providing many opportunities to encounter the love of Jesus.  

Encounter Nights

Prophetic booths, singing & artwork, prayer, worship, and more. On these special nights, we seek to encounter God in a fresh way and then BE the ENCOUNTER to those around us.

Crowd at a Concert

Testimony Night

Great power is released when someone shares their story. On Testimony Night, we have the privilege of hearing how God has transformed a life from darkness to light, from death to life, and from bondage to FREEDOM! Be prepared to be transformed. 

Singer on Stage
Audience and Lecturer

Guest Speakers

It's an honor to hear from some of the greatest leaders and prophetic voices of our time.  Guests this year include Eric Johnson, Candace Johnson, Kris Valloton, Jason Valloton, Kathy Valloton, Lance Jacobs, Ray Light, and many more. 


Keys Night / Family Potluck

Keys night is extremely special as we honor anyone who has anywhere from one day to multiple years of freedom from addiction. We celebrate God's work in and through each person as they voluntarily come up to receive a special key/pendant to symbolize their milestone. We also enjoy a potluck dinner and game night as a family.

Small Groups

Once a month, we break into small groups of

4-5 men or women and discuss the topic that was presented by the most recent guest speaker. This is a powerful time of personal sharing, group discussion, and prayer in a safe community environment. 

Support Groups
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