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Hope Recovery is a group of people believing together that the Love of God will radically transform our lives. The Father's Love is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow no matter where we have been or what we have done. Our purpose is to create a safe community where individuals can and will:

  • receive and give God's love in abundance,

  • discover a life of purpose,

  • find joy and hope,

  • recognize the glory in each other,

  • live a life of fearless Christianity,

  • and renew our minds with Christ in whom all things are possible.


  1. We value the Goodness of God and His Presence.

  2. We value the Word of God and the Revelation of Truth.

  3. We value Salvation.

  4. We value Freedom and the Opportunity to make Responsible Choices.

  5. We value Honor and extend Grace to Demonstrate the Father's Love.

  6. We value Family and Community.

  7. We value the Prophetic and Life Expressed from Heaven.

  8. We value Lives Infused with Joy and Hope.

  9. We value Risk and Faith - Fearless Christianity.

  10. We value Generosity and Service - Receiving and Releasing God's Abundance.


Because we are a culture of honor there are some simple guidelines to protect our Hope Family:

  • We value each other by giving whoever is speaking our undivided attention.

  • We honor each other by learning new ways to approach communication with one another.

  • And what happens in Hope Recovery stays in Hope Recovery :)


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